Steven M. Ayotte

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This is my complete work history, the current hard copy resume is limited to relevant work history.


To establish long term employment for independence


  • Understanding the non “relevant” technology, by focusing on enterprise computing systems, professional (office and creative) applications and fixing problems without the need to write code as coding doesn’t fix all the world’s problems.
  • Someone who takes himself seriously and strides to be a strong competitor
  • Strong in finance and knows not to overcharge or overspend.
  • Understanding the needs of a customer, and work with them to meet their desired needs
  • A ability to write professional documents in proper and plain English, when needed
  • Creative both in an artistic, and out of the box thinking
  • Can work well in a supported environment with a warm professional relationships
  • Can be well organized and work well in an organized environment
  • General working knowledge of computer systems and compliance regulations (i.e. HIPAA, SOX, eDiscovery, etc.)

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Zone/FBF: Luria Petrucci (formerly Cali Lewis) on Live Streaming

I’ve been a fan of Luria Petrucci for a few years now. She’s an awesome woman, attractive both on the inside and the outside. The girl next door that is geeky and smart. Very few exist. Some could probably not tell her from a lineup that she was one of the first video podcasters.  Lately she’s peddling the idea of live streaming. I probed her in the reasoning why she dumped her Geek series of podcasts.

(For a note in the camera quality – it was a bit rough because my producer was on a break, and I didn’t have backup photog, So I used ether my selfie stick or held the camera and hence why both eyes were hugging well past the top third…)

On my former Facebook fan page, I did a six minute interview with her and asked general questions of where she is today and what she did previously.

The live streaming stuff she has been doing is based on a decades plus long content doing video podcasts. She started to experiment on video podcasting after an Apple announcement in fall of 2005. Her podcasts began as Geek Brief, short videos on the latest tech stories, then went ot Geek Beat, with her now ex husband, and for a couple of years, she was hosted and produced Geeks Life. 

For about a decade, she went by an alias as Cali Lewis, the reasoning of that was based on of a story sexism in high tech and media – adding another of so many that has peculated in both businesses since this interview in April of last year. If you want to know more about that she appeared on other podcasts and it’s hard to fathom that men to this day are still crude.

On a related note, I did a similar package for the minifig TV station in the little world of mine. This one was cut for a package.

With that said it’s less than a week away where I’m going to be enroute to Las Vegas for this years NAB Show. I just received an email that several more hundred vendors will be on the tradeshow floor. My goodness.

Thanks Luria again for coming on camera with me!


Rick Santorum’s and the GOP’s Medical Emergency

Ex Senator Rick Santorum is at it again. Suffering with yet another foot to mouth disease, he went on CNN’s State of the Union, the day after the March for Our Lives, the arrogant Republican from suggested the young people “take a CPR class” instead “looking to someone else to solve their problems.”

It’s widely assumed on social media he was referring to cardiopulmonary recusication, and not something like the tagline of the NYPD for Community, Professionalism and Respect.  This is the same nitwit who compared many years ago to same sex marriage as “man-on-dog-sex” and a boatload of other stupid statements.

The irony is that this looser is stuck in the 1980s when barely a fraction of people other than first responders, and medical professionals that were trained in such and in some districts, it’s a required lesson. In fact, there is probably more youngsters taught then he wants to believe.

The other irony is if there is a mass casualty attack from assault weapons, CPR won’t save them. Also, some recommend not to preform CPR in a mass causality event, because it could be insensitive to save one, but delay another. Maybe he forgets, that living in a civilian life, that you don’t pound on someones chest for revival if anyone goes down – like I dunno the military? Or at least that’s what I see on TV shows when anyone gets shot out there on the front lines, go to right to compressions, even if they barely have a pulse. Because in the military, CPR will save lives!

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How To: Build LEGO TV News Gathering Vehicles

A lot of the Adult Fans of Lego community tend to mimic, but not fully replicate real life things. I’ve been to a few Lego conventions, and seen the AFOLs. I tend to get desensitized of the creations, and anything that has “Brick” to the name. Look at my vanity DNS, heheh?

This vehicle is based on most of the US workflow of local TV stations called Electronic News Gathering. ENG has been around since the days of the video cassette tape. This technology married with microwave and satellite transmission. (Most often the AFOLs build the vehicles on the latter, not the former. Even worse the Master Builder at Legoland in Boston even told to this writer about the mast to “satellite dish” was broken.)

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Kari’s Law – Screw Phone Systems!

I have been a vocal opponent against Kari’s Law and I do not oppose for any regulation from government telling private business and citizens what to do.

Kari’s law is named after a deceased Texas woman who died from a brutal murder several years back while the daughter had called “9-1-1” and was unable to get through because of the trunk access code. The media and Avaya Incorporated (nee Nortel Networks) had sensationalized the story of “A little girl who was taught in school to call 9-1-1 for emergencies couldn’t do that in a motel room”

This sensationalized message was PBX systems kill not idiotic sysadmins who didn’t properly label sets to dial emergency services.

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Review of the Art and Ethics of TV Manipulation at the NH Telephone Museum

So six months has gone by, and one of my drafts was a review of the New Hampshire Telephone Museum’s “Forth Phriday” event from last year. The wonderful people at the NHTM, Laura, Graham and Paul had speakers come in on the forth Friday of the summer months. The first one was from the infamous E9-1-1 department, and the last one was some guy out west in my state, and spoke for nearly an hour about the ethics of TV editing and manipulation.

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Howie Carr – Once a Funny Man

Howie Carr, has been a legend in Boston media for longer than I have been alive. Depending on your cultural tolerance or political views, you love him or you wished Whitey Bulger’s accomplices got the right house address in Somerville with that basketball with some “See Fouahh” that should’ve gone four houses up not down. Kidding aside, Howie has really past his prime. Men in media tend to have a shelf life. If you watch men for looks and alleged credibility, they’ll age like fine wine, but sometimes their brains do not age well. Anger ensues, and they become a turnoff. If you want some fairness, Dan Kennedy from WGBH has really fallen off the rails in terms of intellectual stability where he’s been so bitter and on the Beat The Press’  “Rants and Raves” tends to be on the former more and more. And he’s a liberal.

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My favorite Fox Show got a little distracting when the station ID ran on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds.

I don’t understand why I’m seeing this more and more on local stations. I am well aware of the FCC rules, despite the rules being strict, there is leniency such as a “natural break”. Like a promo where where a stations logo and ID shows at like :57 hour the hour. It’s not that complicated. WBZ -TV earlier in the fall used to have a large “CBS 4” bug with the WBZ – TV [CBS 4 logo]  Boston  on the bottom. But time went on, and the size shrunk.

But on WFXT the following is shown

“WFXT – Boston 25

This is a continued trend by the new owners (of over 3 years) to continue on giving Fox the middle finger in branding only because the viewers they think who are watching hate the Fox News Channel. Cox Media Group plays dirty with the viewers. For gawd’s sakes alive, they don’t even use the Fox promotional graphics for time and night of the show. I didn’t see the snappy graphics Fox uses till I went to New York and saw them on WNYW. They overlay it with the news anchors of Boston 25 News . If they do this for promos, who knows the bug may say “#911onWFXT” with a Boston 25 bug. 

This station is a disgrace. I don’t get this superimposing station IDs and a station emphasizing a local identify that never was and taking half of the station’s visual makeup.



Just kind reminder, whether side of the fence you’re on with this whole years long drama between the Peacock Network or Sunbeam Broadcasting; NBC is no longer on WHDH, so depending on the last time you saw a football game, it’s most likely going to be on another channel.

Welcome NBC 10, or Channel 10 with a CBS O&O looking typeface from 1980?

On New Year’s, a year into NBC moving to an owned and operated license in Merrimack, NH and stick in Goffstown, they have had a hard time with ratings and viewers with a weak signal up here, and through some spectrum sales in the last year, “NBC10” Boston has been able to build a network of low powered stations.

So within the next 24 hours, and if you are wanting to know where to tune to see TB12 hopppeeffulllly make it to six rings, onnnneeee wwould hooopppe. Here are your options.

Over the air, it’s on channel 8.1. If you don’t get it on the ears, just do a “rescan”. If you live in Foxboro, you may get WJAR that other NBC 10, since Boston and Providence is such a tight market, it actually has a definition in the Harry Newton’s Telecom Dictionary on signal overlap (I think.)

For most cable channels, the HD feed is on 710 or 810, (hence the virtual channel 10 branding), some SD feeds are on Channel 10, mine (legacy Adelphia/Comcast) is on Channel 26, legacy Comcast may be on other positions.

Because the NFL is known to be the No Fun League, it’s unclear if you can stream it instead.

I know the Emily Rooneys of the world joke (or possibly are literal) about tuning to Channel 7 to see her late dad Sunday nights, but in this case, don’t turn to WHDH for the Super Bowl, “Turn to 10” instead!

This writing has been a continuation of the discussion of NBC and their historical hostile treatment to their affiliates


Inside the MISDOT Operations Center

After a millions of pennies spent several years ago to build a new operations center for the state of Minibrick, the project has finally came into fruition today at Noon Eastern, the Minibrick State Department of Transportation will open up their new Statewide Operations Center.

This center was in the works for the last couple of years to address concerns from the Blizzard of 2015, and more synergies between operations between the various public safety and works agencies.

The setup goes as follows, each minifigure sits at their own workstation. MISDOT, MISP, MTA, DOS head. Their role is to monitor the MISDOT cameras and respond whatever comes to them. This room gets really busy during noreasters, blizzards and hurricanes when evacuation routes must be properly coordinated.

Today, the heads of the Minibrick State Police, the Minibrick State Department of Transportation, the Miniland Transit Authority, the Statewide Fire Marshall is now housed into one operations center (similar to one of those op center war rooms).

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